Photo: Jo Evans - Da Kine Images LLC

Bart Yasso:

  1. Treat it like a real race and follow all the race rituals that you normally do. The day before your virtual race do a 3-mile shakeout run. This will get you in race mode and help you perform well.
  2. I suggest a loop course so you can stop to refuel. Make sure you have lots of fluids and food. If it’s a warm day my fav mid-race snack is watermelon and salt.
  3. I’m planning on running my half marathon virtual race in Pennsylvania. On race day in my mind I will be Hawaii. At 4 miles I will be thinking about the Hawaiian sunrise. At 6 miles I will be dreaming about running through the tunnel of trees. Just past mile 11 you can see the ocean and where we finish and it is all downhill from there.
  4. To keep it fun set up a start and finish line area. Nothing elaborate but some type of start banner and finish line tape would be a nice touch. Involve your family so they can vicariously run the Kauai Marathon/Half Marathon journey with you.
  5. Share your journey on social media to inspire others. You finished now it’s time to have a backyard luau. Send us photos, tag our social media using the hashtag #strideforkauai.

Tyler McCandless:

  1. Design a fast course! You’ll get enough hills at the 2021 Kauai Marathon, so why not take advantage of running a fast course this year?
  2. The Kauai Marathon has the best aloha spirit, so make sure you connect with the TKM community to feel and spread that aloha spirit.  Connect on social media, posting, encouraging and giving kudos to others by using #strideforkauai!
  3. Put the race on your training calendar and set a goal! Virtual races allow you the opportunity to test yourself and it will help motivate you during those hot summer miles.
  4. The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon post-race celebration is always spectacular, so celebrate with a Kauai themed meal. Get some poke, fresh fish, tropical fruit, an acai bowl, or a breakfast pizza like the one at Living Foods Market to enjoy afterwards.
  5. Drink Kauai Coffee before the race. Actually, do this everyday for optimal results! And, an ice mocha afterwards is pretty nice!