Okay, lets just say that today you recently decided to run the Kauai Marathon or Half Marathon. What would be the first thing that you do to get ready? Find a training plan or purchase a plane ticket? Book a hotel in Poipu or schedule an appointment with your chiropractor? I believe that first steps are important. You’re setting the compass and making a commitment by moving towards the goal.

Well that is exactly what I’ve decided. I want to run the 2016 Kauai Marathon. It’s been 9-months since I raced and it’s been years since I trained seriously. It’s been about 5 years since I completed a full marathon.

Writing your goals on paper and then putting them out into the ether of public knowledge not only makes you commit, but holds you accountable. So here it is. I want to win an ultra marathon by the end of 2016. I want to take my body further. I want to squeeze the most out of this life and tap into some lingering fitness. I want to be proud of an effort again. Specifically, I plan to use the 2016 Kauai Marathon to prepare for a 50k in the fall and then finish a 50 miler in December. Using that as the premise, what would I do to prepare? What should WE all do in terms of first steps? Let’s start at the top.

  • First off, I’m booking tickets and purchasing entries. I want those dates on the calendar secured and no wishy-washy business about the potential to postpone or cancel my life goals. Kayak.com here I come.
  • I loosely calendar the training. In terms of the Kauai Marathon, I have the ideal amount of time to put together a full marathon preparation. Just about 4-months.
  • Now I know that this is going to take an increase in mileage and some added intensity in workouts. I’ve just been jogging with friends for the past couple years. So while I have kept the weight-off and maintained some fitness, my body is not ready for the next 7 months of hustle. I’m going to visit my local sports chiropractor and sports doctor. For me it’s overuse of my Achilles and some tightness in my back due to being a bad surfer. I’ll share my current ailments and find out what I can do to stay healthy.
  • Now I need a plan. Make a plan and work the plan. I’m a disciple of the Jack Daniels plan (both the coach and the distiller). Look him up. In general, this means laying down a base of slowly increasing mileage for about 6 weeks. Then adding in some workouts before sharpening up with less miles and more intense workouts. If we stay healthy and do 80% of the workouts then we are all going to get in darn good shape.
  • Throughout the process we are going to take it easy on ourselves. We’re not professional runners and frankly there are more important things in life. This should be fun and the journey back to fitness is lost when we focus too much on our failures.

So let put our cards on the table. Get our body right. Make a plan. Work the plan. Be patient. Crush goals.

In one month, lets see how we’re all doing. The journey starts today! JT Service, Co-Founder of Soul Focus Sports