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Hawaii Volcanic Beverages Co-Founders Jason and Channon Donovan

Hydration is an important component to the success of our participants at The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon and we are proud to say that we have the best available in Hawaii! Hawaii Volcanic Water isn’t your typical water option, and the success of the business begins at the core with co-founders Jason and Channon Donovan. Every detail is cared for down to how they choose their bottles. We are thrilled that Hawaii Volcanic Water will be at all of our aid stations, as well as at the finish line food and beverage booth. Learn more about why this company, their beliefs and ultimately their products are so special.

Click here for the the link to Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Industry Spotlight article on Hawaii Volcanic. Congrats to Jason and Channon for all of their hard work! #hawaiivolcanicwater #teamhawaiivolcanic