tkm full color stride

Safety Tips

  1. Choose a safe course that you are familiar with. Since the roads will not be closed, you need to obey traffic laws and signage in that area.
  2. The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon and its sponsors are not responsible for your safety while running virtually. Please use common sense, be aware of your surroundings and use caution at all times.
  3. Plan for a safe and successful run. Make sure that you have plenty of hydration and snacks to keep you going, as well as a route that has a public restroom. Bart Yasso suggests a loop run so that you always have a home base.
  4. If you are running in a group, fantastic. However, if you are solo, please let someone know when you start and finish your run, as well as the course that you plan to take.
  5. Check the weather for the date and time that you are planning to run and dress accordingly.
  6. Choose the time of day that your body is most used to running… keep to your typical routine.
  7. If it is comfortable for you, bring a cell phone. It’s a great way to document your virtual journey or useful if you are feeling sick, twist an ankle or feel unsafe.
  8. Wear bright or reflective clothing.
  9. Call 911 if you have an emergency and please carry ID.
  10. Most importantly, listen to your body! Stay hydrated and take a break and rest if you need.

South Side Suggested Course

  1. Start across from the Kukui’ula Harbor where the sidewalk begins. Head west towards National Tropical Botanical Garden and turn at the gate at the end of the road. (1.03 miles)
  2. Walk/run past the start towards the east and turn right on Hoonani Road. (2.23 miles, restroom/water located across from The Beach House)
  3. Continue on Hoonani Road past the Sheraton Resort, turn around in cul de sac and continue back and turn right on Kapili Road. (1.13 miles)
  4. Head up Kapili and turn right on Poipu Road. (.2 miles)
  5. Continue straight until you turn right on Hoowili Road. (.69 miles)
  6. Cruise down the hill and turn left at Pee Road. (.2 miles, restroom/water located at Poipu Beach Park)
  7. Follow Pee until the end at Poipu Road and turn right. You will walk/run up a big hill, pass Sunset Kahili and then The Point at Poipu along the way. (1.16 miles)
  8. Head on Poipu Road until Ainako Street and turn right. (.56 miles)
  9. Continue until you reach the top of Shipwrecks parking lot. (.22 miles, restroom/water located at beach park)
  10. Follow the exact course back to the start across from Kukui’ula Boat Harbor. (5.36 miles, restroom/water located at Kukui’ula Harbor beach park)
  11. Pass the start line and continue towards NTBG until you see the 3 boulders on your right. (.16 miles)
  12. Turn Around and finish at the start line.
  13. Congratulations, you finished your Half Marathon Course! (13.1 miles)
  14. If you are running the full marathon, do this loop course twice!

East Side Suggested Course

  1. Start at stop sign in front of Lydgate Pavilion
  2. Turn right on Leho Road. (paved sidewalk) (.28 miles)
  3. Turn right on Kuhio Highway. (paved sidewalk) (.26 miles)
  4. PortaPotty is available on the right. (.62 miles)
  5. Bear right on Papaloa Road at Shell Station. (.01 miles)
  6. Go right into Coconut Marketplace parking lot. (just past Kauai Shores) (.37 miles)
  7. Turn right at stop sign. (end of parking lot) (.13 miles)
  8. Turn left at Aleka Loop. (.02 miles)
  9. Then right on Kuhio Highway. (.44 miles)
  10. Turn right on Ala Road (Kapaa Shores) (.44 miles)
  11. Turn right on Keaka Road. (.17 miles)
  12. Kapaa Beach Park (bathrooms and water) (.79 miles)
  13. PortaPotties on available on the right at Kapaa Pool. (.34 miles)
  14. Kealia Beach Park (bathrooms and water available) (1.6 miles)
  15. Pineapple Dump (.93 miles)
  16. Pavilion and TURN AROUND point. (.26 miles
  17. Continue the loop back to the bottom of the hill at Lydgate Park Rock (octopus sign)
  18. Congratulations, you finished your Half Marathon Course! (13.1 miles)
  19. If you are running the full marathon, do this loop course twice!

Mahalo for supporting the 2020 Virtual Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon!! You are helping us keep this event sustainable until we can all run together again!