Sign ups will be available beginning on Thursday, August 31st!
There are two ways to have your friends and family members track your progress on race day.  They can follow along online through our live results page on Athlinks (click on 2023 results on our website), or sign up for SMS text message Athlete Updates.
To sign up for text message Athlete Updates, follow these steps:
1. Click here to start
2. Click on the ‘Start Setup’ button
3. Enter your ChronoTrack username and password or click ‘Create New Account’
4. Sign In using your ChronoTrack account
5. Search for your athlete using their name or bib number
6. Click on the ‘Get Updates on Mobile’ button
7. Agree to the SMS Waiver
8. Enter the phone number of the recipient(s)
9. Click ’Next’
10. Add another athlete or click ‘Finish’
You may add 3 phone numbers per athlete, per ChronoTrack account. Half Marathon participants will have updates at approximately mile 6.55 and the finish. Marathon participants will have updates at approximately mile 6.55, mile 13.1, mile 22.02 and the finish.