Congratulations on finishing a very humid and warm race this year! We celebrated some firsts this year: first time all 50 states were represented; first time we had a late start (4 minutes); first time we served 10 kegs of beer at the finish line in under 3 hours and ran out (won’t ever happen again); first time I was able to get Lizzie out of the food tent and out on the course during the race; and last but not least, Tyler and Kristin McCandless shared their 7-week old baby boy Levi for the first time on Kauai. Some milestones to be remembered for sure and some to never be repeated!

We appreciate all of your positive comments and compliments about our event, and we also appreciate the feedback on how we can improve your race experience. We listen and will be making some minor tweaks based on feedback to enhance the overall experience in the future.

Please spread the word in your communities about our little race in paradise. There’s a reason we have received accolades from Red Bull, Runner’s World and Men’s Health – it’s the participant’s aloha spirit, the beauty of Kauai, the organization of the event and the local community support on the course that make The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon so unique and special.

Good luck training for 2020 and hope to see many of you on our enchanted island next year!

Warmest aloha,

Jeff and Liz Sacchini