Welcome to Kauai! Race weekend is upon us and the south side of Kauai is bustling with energy!  Runners are everywhere and the marathon team is gearing up for race day.

Like many of you, we keep a close eye on the weather forecast.  Yes, it is going to be hot. Hawaii is generally warm in September especially if there are no prevalent trade winds . It is likely going to be in the 80’s by 7am on Sunday.  While this doesn’t sound too bad for beachgoers or spectators, this can be hot for runners exerting themselves for long periods of time, especially those not acclimatized (here less than 10 days).

We recommend the following precautions to help prevent any heat-related problems on race day:

  • Run at a slightly slower pace than usual
  • Maintain hydration.  But do NOT over hydrate.  Yes, this is possible.  Over-hydration is potentially more serious than dehydration.  The best strategy is easy – DRINK TO THIRST.  If you feel thirsty, drink.  If not, don’t force down fluids.
  • Take frequent breaks by walking instead of running
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to cool yourself- find shade or splash water on yourself. All aid stations will have ice and iced drinks so please take advantage.
  • Be aware of the signs of heat-related illness. Heat illness can affect even the fittest athletes, especially in a hot environment like Hawaii. Signs of heat illness: headache, confusion, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are just a few.
  • Know your limitations
  • Have an exit strategy for after the race. Meet your family, find a cool spot to cool off, drink fluids as you feel you need to.

There are a total of 20 aid stations on the full marathon course, 9 on the half marathon course with an additional 3 medical aid stations on the courses. The medical aid stations have shade, basic First Aid, and the usual water station supplies-water and Powerade. They do NOT have salt or electrolyte supplements (such as Nuun, gel, Goo, Mustard, etc). If you think you will need these on race day, please carry bring with you.

The Main medical tent at the finish line is staffed with doctors and nurses, who  you can consult if you have concerns after finishing.

We look forward to helping you if needed.  Your safety and ability to enjoy the race is our priority.

Aloha and Good luck!

The Kauai Marathon Co-medical directors, Dr. David Gregorius and Dr. Spencer Smith