Today we got to ask Kauai Marathon & Half Marathon race director extraordinaire Bob Craver 10 questions in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the race. Bob has been the only race director of the event and has a long history of producing great events. Lets see what we can learn.

#1 –  How is life Bob? Are you already on the island or are you working from your retirement community in Florida? 

Still sweating it out in Florida, looking forward to my 16 hour flight Wednesday to paradise and enjoying Kauai!

#2 –  Obviously, we know you’re not retired because there is too much work that has to be done for the annual Kauai Marathon & Half Marathon. What is one of the toughest parts of producing the marathon? 

Hard to say what is “one” of the toughest parts. Many people think that it becomes repetitious after so many years of producing events but every event presents different challenges from one year to the next, especially on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

#3 – What do you think is one of the most important elements of producing a good event? 

A motivated work force!

#4 – I personally work on dozens of special events through out the year. However, you have made Kauai special with the crew of people on your team. And frankly I’ve never seen a happier group of people. What is the secret to keeping your event team happy? 

Over the past 25 years I have worked many different types of events including PGA golf, Music Festivals, Film Festivals and yes, marathons and triathlons. I firmly believe you need to get into the trenches with your crews and work side by side with them.

Though it may sound funny to many, feeding them well and a cold beer or two when the day is done, goes a long way. It also helps a great deal that we are working on Kauai, how can we not be happy?

#5 – I think a lot of people know you as a race director, but you also produce all types of events. What is the weirdest event you have directed on Kauai? 

I wouldn’t say weird, just unique and very stressful. Actually, it was on Maui in 2007. I was hired to work with the State Department and the Office of Tibet to coordinate His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s visit to Maui. Too many stories to tell about that adventure but to be surrounded by monks and heavily armed security was, let’s just say “unique”!

#6 – How big of a pain in the butt is your boss and race founder Jeff Sacchini? 

Does this really have to be answered?

I recall sitting with him on the beach late in 2008 and we were discussing the cost of putting on the inaugural event. He had a figure in mind but so did I and mine was much higher than his….I went home that day and put some figures down on paper and shared with him the next day….I think he was surprised but basically said, “we’ll do what we have to, let’s make it a world class event “, which we have.

I’ve learned a great deal from Jeff and would like to think he has learned a thing or two from me. Though we have disagreed on things from time to time over the years, I have a great deal of respect for Jeff……he’s not a pain in the butt!

#7 – Who is the masochist that designed the marathon course? 

Jeff Sacchini….I had absolutely nothing to do with it!

#8 – What is your favorite part of the Kauai Marathon race day? 

What else, the after party!

Actually, I like the early morning when everyone is arriving at Poipu Shopping Village. The surrounding energy is infectious and it feels good knowing the starting gun is about to go off. Putting on an event of this magnitude is stressful but come race day, you realize the fruits of your labor have paid off and it’s just another day in paradise with 13.1 or 26.2 miles to go!

#9 – What element are you most proud in the FIRST ten years of the race? 

The friendships created and knowing that we are all an integral part in putting on such a great event we can all be proud of!

#10 – Are we going to see an 11th Annual Kauai Marathon and if yes, when does registration open?

Why not ? Registration will open the week following the 10th annual!

Cheers, Bob