In one of our final 10 questions with 10 people in honor of our 10th Anniversary event we’re stoked to sit down with Christine French from Brennecke’s Beach Broiler and Nukumoi Surf Co.

1) Ok, weird first question because I’m curious, but who is this “Brennecke’s” character anyways? 
“He was a lover of people, good food and drink and a stow away on a ship bound for the Pacific. “ That’s what it says on our menu but the truth is closer to owner Bob French and his descendant from Germany. His great great grandfather was a stow away running from the Kaiser. And as for Brennecke, he was the local doctor that lived at Brennecke’s point.
2) How did you get the most valuable property right in front of Poipu Beach? 
With a lot of hard work and patience, Bob and I were able to purchase Brennecke’s from the Sueoka family about 3 years ago. However, we
have been in business at Brennecke’s for 34 years. Family owned and operated. We are truly blessed to have this place.
3) We have been proud to call Brennecke’s and Nukumoi Surf Co. a sponsor for years now. What elements of the marathon do you appreciate from a business point of view? 
We appreciate having this world-class event right here at home. We have enjoyed meeting people every year and many return marathon participants have become good friends. Our favorite part besides running or walking is passing out water on Omao Road.! We get to cheer everyone on and see the front runners and all of our friends.
4) What is your favorite part of marathon week? 
The CARBO load of course! We also like being at the Expo and meeting new people.
5) What’s the most dangerous drink on the menu? 
Definitely the Grand Cadillac Margarita, Peligroso Silver Tequila, Grand Marnier, Agave and Fresh Lime Juice.
6) Any “off menu” secrets that our runners may want order? 
Everyone is so different, however we do offer many gluten free items and our fresh fish is always a winner.
7) Every time I think of Brennecke’s, I think of football season. Kauai Marathon week and Labor Day usually signals the start of the college football season and thus the Rainbow Warriors getting back on the field. Any specials during football games, or is there a standing happy hour? 
We do have two standing happy hours 3pm-5pm and 8:30-closing. We have live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights @ 8:30pm.
8) Brennecke’s is also connected to the Nukumoi Surf Co. What can participants find there? 
Nukumoi Surf Co. and Brennecke’s are family owned and operated. Same family and we have 5 kids! Nukumoi has everything that you would need for beach rentals and fun in the sun. This is our 23rd year in business and we have a great selection of board shorts bikinis and comfortable Island style clothing.
9) Any specials just for the marathon this week and where can the crazy runner people find you guys? 
We do have some freebies with purchase including rentals.
10) Well we truly appreciate all of your aloha over the years. Anything else you’d like to share with our participants? 
We love The Kauai Marathon! Enjoy your time on race day, have fun and relax with one of our world famous Mai Tai’s A.S.A.P😎