Kauai Coffee has been a supporter of the Kauai Marathon since year one. Not only have they caffeinated our participants at the expo, start line and finish line, but they have also generously supported the Kauai Marathon Youth Running Program. When you think of a great event partner you think of companies like Kauai Coffee. In honor of our 10th Anniversary we had to ask the “ladies of Kauai Coffee” 10 questions.


#1) How long has Kauai Coffee been in business? Since 1987.

#2) Did you think the race organizers were crazy when you first heard about a marathon set to be held on Kauai? No, we thought it was a great idea! Until we saw the course!!

#3) What was the motivation behind Kauai Coffee partnering with this local race and why have you remained a partner for 10 years? Some of us used to run, and thought it would be a great way to volunteer and connect with other weirdos.

#4) You have developed a cool partnership with 8x Kauai Marathon & Half Marathon champ Tyler McCandless. Tell us the truth how much does Tyler pay you to be friends with him? Not nearly enough.

#5) Just kidding. We love the Kauai Marathon Youth Running Program presented by Kauai Coffee. What inspired your companies support of youth fitness on the island? It seemed like a great fit, and Tyler is a great guy!.

#6) Who is your second favorite Kauai Marathon Champion of all-time? Becky I can’t remember her last name, but she’s awesome!

Side note from JT…her name is Becki Lynn and she is awesome!

#7) Good answer. What are some of your favorite parts of marathon week? Other than around 1pm on Sunday afternoon when we finally get to have margaritas? Seeing all of the returning runners and volunteers.

#8) We honestly see Kauai Coffee bumper stickers all around world and we know you can order Kauai Coffee from anywhere. What is the farthest place that you send Kauai Coffee? Italy.

#9) Anything special coming from Kauai Coffee in the near future? ‘Farm tours!

#10) Aside from the race expo, the start line and the finish line during marathon week…where can our runner’s find Kauai Coffee? At our Visitor Center 870 Halewili Rd, Kalaheo Hi.