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In last month’s training tip I made a declaration about committing to run the full Kauai Marathon as a prep race for my debut at the ultra distance. (Read previous post for the rest of this to make any sense). The intention was to set some early process goals for getting back in marathon shape and simultaneously share some recommendations for our running readers. In an effort to keep the process transparent I’d like to share my self-graded progress report.

Booking My Plane Ticket & Registering for the Race = B-

On the plus side I’m booked for the Kauai Marathon and committed to the full distance, but I have yet to register for my ultimate goal of my first ultra marathon. Now I need to buckle down and register for the big goal. I give myself a B-. I hope that you are all signed up.

Getting My Body Right By Seeing a Sports Doc & Chiro = A-

Pretty stoked on this one. I found a great sports chiro and massage therapist named Rhodes Walton at Santa Cruz Core Fitness. The guy is amazing and has my muscles all firing. I would have given myself an A+, but I haven’t seen him in a few weeks and need continued therapy to stay healthy.

Laying down some base fitness = B

I’ve been running and running more. However, I have yet to set a true schedule beyond just getting out and running 6-10 miles 4 or 5 days a week. I’m still healthy and running more than before so I’m off to a decent start. We can’t be too hard on ourselves.

Next Steps:

In order to get my mileage up and prepare for a fit marathon on September 4th I am going to need to do the following:

  • Continue to slowly raise the mileage, while putting together a real schedule that should hold me more accountable.
  • Continue to stay healthy by keeping my training within reason and taking care of my body with the help of massage therapy and chiro. You may not need the latter, but I have significant miles on my body and it requires care.
  • I am going to book some preliminary races that will allow me to use them as fitness tests as well as workouts. First a 10k and then likely a hilly half marathon on the trails in August. And finally I need to book that ultra or I have the feeling that I’m going to let that goal fall by side of the road after The Kauai Marathon. Further, this should help me keep my Kauai Marathon effort in control as I prepare for 50k and 50 miles.

The best part is I’m still healthy and I’m still enjoying it. Preparing for a race like The Kauai Marathon requires brick by brick preparation. Right now it just feels good to be building the house again.

Keep stacking ya’ll.