With 6 zip line companies, 2 ATV companies, and a variety of kayak companies, you can see the beauty of Kaua‘i in so many ways. Each zip line company has it’s own side of the island to see. Outfitters Kauai was one of the first zip line companies on island and just added the longest line in the State; Princeville Ranch Adventures has some “Jurassic” sites to see; Kauai Backcountry Adventures gets you to Hali‘i Waterfall; Koloa Zip line gives great views of the South Shore and Waita Reservoir; Skyline Eco-Adventures Kauai will give you some amazing mountain views; and Just Live! has some great tree top tours, along with a ropes course.

So, be sure to make some time before or after The Kauai Marathon to experience a few of our tours. For a full list of activities, go to: www.gohawaii.com/kauai

Kaua‘i is honored to be listed on National Geographic’s “Best Trips – Places you Need to Visit in 2017” Read more here!

For a spectacular view of Kalalau, watch this amazing time lapse video!

Photo Credit Patrick Kelley: Princeville Ranch Adventures Zipline