In honor of the 10th Annual Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon, we’re asking 10 Kauai Marathon Super Stars 10 questions about their experience with the Garden Island event. This will range from the producers, the politicians, the runners, the locals and the legends. For the first edition we’re coming strong out of the gate with the Mayor of Running, Mr. Bart Yasso. We’ve been fortunate to have Bart in attendance for most years and we’re excited to welcome him back for the 10th annual. Lets jump in.

#1: How long have you been attending the Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon and do you remember how you originally heard about the event? (We realize this is two questions, but we’re trying to sneak in a few extra 🙂

This will be my 9th year attending the Kauai Marathon weekend of races. Sad to say I missed the first year of this classic event. I always run the half marathon and I hope to continue my streak of running the half. I remember seeing a photo of the race course and I said to myself I need to run this race!

#2: You go to dozens of races a year. Some are in major cities, some in rural areas and even some other “destination events” What makes Kauai different? 

I go to on average about 30 races per year around the world. What makes the Kauai Marathon special is the way the race embraces the local flavor in all aspects of the race.

#3: What are some of your favorite things to do on the island outside of the week of marathon activities? 

I love Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali coast…my favorite locations to do amazing hikes.

#4: Lets sneak away from the event for a few questions. You recently moved on from your position at Runner’s World magazine. What is next for Bart Yasso? (perhaps focus on your event work)

After 30+ years I retired from Runner’s World as the Chief Running Officer, which was a great gig. In my retirement I still want to stay connected to the running community. I cut way back on my travel schedule I will still go to a few events that I just love and Kauai is one of them.

#5: Aside from hosting and attending events around the world…the running community loves your writing. Do you have any plans to write something new? 

My book Race Everything came out October 2017 my plan is to write a sequel to My Life on the Run.

#6: The course in Kauai is not the flattest and fastest in the world. Any advice to the runners that may be afraid of the elements or elevation? 

The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon have plenty hills but you can run a fast time if you respect the hills in the first 6 miles of the course. Don’t let the hills and elements get in your head. Just fall in love with your surroundings.

#7: On the bright side, give us your favorite parts of the course? 

The tunnel of trees is so unique. I love running through neighborhoods the locals come out and cheer us on.

#8: Is there a race office or even a bar in the world that rivals the infamous Red Rooster Lounge? (editors note this is a secret watering hole that should be sought by all) 

The Red Rooster Lounge is a very special part of this race. The race staff works non-stop for months leading up to race day and they reward themselves with a few breaks in the Red Rooster Lounge. I think we should do private viewings of the RRL!

#9: Is there any chance you will beat J.T. Service in post-race golf this year?

Yes 100% I will beat JT in golf. If his dad shows up then he will beat both of us.

#10: In the words of the Mayor of Running, why should someone attend the 10th Annual Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon?

Kauai is one of the greatest locations on the planet it is a very special weekend to share this beauty with runners from around the world.